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Ditch Witch vacuum excavation systems take care of all types of spills and unwanted fluids while taking care of your ears. The FX20, FX30 and FX60 are not only the most productive and versatile systems on the market, they're also the quietest.

Ditch Witch Australia supplies and supports the range of Ditch Witch Vacuum Excavators for the Australian market. Please contact your nearest DWA office for information and advice from our local experts.

FX20 Vacuum Excavation   FX20
The new FX20 is designed for easy transport and smaller cleanup and excavation tasks.
Details: visit www.DitchWitch.com
FX30 Vacuum Excavation   FX30
At only 82 dBA, the FX30 is the quietest vacuum excavation system on the market.
Details: visit www.DitchWitch.com
FX60 Vacuum Excavation   FX60
With its 60-hp (45 kW) Cummins diesel engine, the FX60 provides outstanding suction and water pressure.
Details: visit www.DitchWitch.com
Vacuum Excavation   OPTIONS
Ditch Witch vacuum excavators can be customized with your choice of tank sizes and numerous other options.
Details: visit www.DitchWitch.com


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