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The compact trencher was introduced to the world in 1949 by Ed Malzahn, founder of the Ditch Witch organization. With their outstanding power, rugged frames, operator convenience, extraordinary durability, and lengthy list of innovative standard features, today's Ditch Witch trenchers and plows carry on the tradition of the original.

Ditch Witch Australia supplies and supports the range of Ditch Witch Trenchers and Plows for the Australian market. Please contact your nearest DWA office for information and advice from our local experts.

Ride-on Trenchers   Ride-on Trenchers and Plows
You can count on Ditch Witch ride-on trenchers and plows for years of reliable service. Seated in the remarkably roomy operator stations of these powerful, compact machines, you'll appreciate the undisturbed view of the work in front, behind, and beside you. Because you won't want to miss a moment of the spectacular performances of Ditch Witch compact ride-on trenchers and vibratory plows.
Details: visit www.DitchWitch.com
Walk-behind Trenchers   Walk Behind Trenchers and Vibratory Plows
Ditch Witch walk-behind trenchers and plows lead their respective horsepower classes in power, performance, durability and ease of use, enabling you to install utilities and water lines faster and more efficiently than ever before.
Details: visit www.DitchWitch.com
zahn   Zahn
The revolutionary Zahn is designed so that the front-end trencher or vibratory plow performs like a dedicated unit. Each Zahn power unit includes the engine, operator's console, and the articulation joint.
Details: visit www.DitchWitch.com
Attachments   Attachments
Interchangeable attachments increase the versatility and value of Ditch Witch trenchers and plows. When you have a machine that can perform dozens of tasks with just the switch of an attachment, you become a one-man workforce. You're a landscaper, gardener, plumber, utility installer, demolition man, pool-builder, home remodeler, forest clearer, road fixer or anything you want to be.
Details: visit www.DitchWitch.com


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